Palomino Party are an art rock four-six piece. Their manifesto is one of escapism through the means of art and glamour, where they harness the boredom and alienation of suburban life and transform it into a sense of romanticism and sex, all expressed through a guttural punk voice.

The band’s emblem itself - the disembodied head of Marlene Dietrich - pays homage to the iconic glamour of yesteryear and a symbol of individuality and beauty of their music.

Within the video there are nods to the gender-bending of 1940’s Berlin, New Wave French
cinema of the 50’s and more than a hint of a generation with post-millennial angst. This is a
declaration of style, culture and the love of art.

After releasing their second EP 'Act II' in September 2016, the band have been gaining momentum ever since. Being chosen as one of the groups included in BBC's Horizon Launchpad's 2016, has allowed the band to progress in the right areas. 

Now recognised in their home-town as the go-to live band for escapism and pleasure, Palomino have been captivating and collecting audiences with wild performances.